Our Team

Ronja Müller Bruhn


Dirk Fengels

CTO & dep. CEO

Harald Genger


Dr. Georg Matheis

Commercial Director

XinLin Alt Epping

QARA/ Clinical Affairs PRRC

David Morgenthaler

Technical File Engineer

Babis Haralabos Tsavdaridis

Quality Assurance
Engineer [from 1.4.2024]

Gerhard Schlager

Head of
Manufacturing &
Mechanical Design

Jonathan Wohlsen

Medical Device Engineer

Simon Lugo Izaguirre

Supply Chain Specialist

Brigitte Steiner

Assistant CEO

Philippe Stark

Jr. Controller

Hannes Wetscher

Finance Consultant

STIMIT Scientific Advisory Board:
Prof. Dr. Art Slutsky
Prof. Dr. Danny Talmor
Prof. Dr. Marco Ranieri
Sheri Tooley, RRT (internal)
Dr. Georg Matheis, MD (internal)

Further Advisors:
Dr. Ewan Goligher
Dr. Annia Schreiber
Dr. Susan Gallo
Dr. Maria Madden

DSMB Member:
Prof. Dr. Roy Brower
Dr. Damon Scales
Dr. Anna Nordell

CEC Member:
Prof. Dr. Jesse Hall
Dr. Irene Telias
Dr. Jeremy Beitler


The company STIMIT currently has no approved product neither in the United States nor in Canada nor in Europe nor in any other region. All products and therapies are still in development and any statement arises from rationales or pre-clinical investigations which have yet to be completed.


Aarbergstrasse 46
CH-2503 Biel/Bienne


Email: info@stimit.com
Tel: +41 32 513 93 00

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