October 2023

Paper of the Year Translational Biology (STIMIT I Study)

The Charite Team (Prof. Dr. Stefan Schaller; Dr. Alessandro Panelli published “First non-invasive magnetic phrenic nerve and diaphragm stimulation in anaesthetized patients: a proof-of-concept study” (STIMIT I) being selected by ESICM in the category “Paper of the Year in Translational Biology”. Also, Charite published STIMIT II ICU trial on ESICM (Abstract) on the ESICM congress.

Interview with Paper-Author Prof. Schaller: Online Interview (just click on this link to view video online)

Abstract Dr. Panelli on STIMIT II Feasibility Trial: First ICU Trial by Charite

(full publication in progress)

June 2023

ETH Zurich and STIMIT
pursue a pioneering approach

Mechanical ventilation in intensive care causes degeneration of the breathing muscle. STIMIT AG and ETH Zürich pursue a pioneering approach with non-​invasive stimulators. Ronja Müller-Bruhn and Prof. Christina Spengler give insight into their collaboration.

May 2023

ATS - Respiratory
Innovation Summit

Hosted by the American Thoracic Society, the 2024 Respiratory Innovation Summit will unite the innovators, investors, clinicians and advocacy groups who are leading the charge to create powerful new treatments for deadly and crippling diseases of the lungs and airways. This meeting historically attracts 350+ global leaders representing all facets of the respiratory industry, including representatives from start-ups, business development, venture capital, government, academia and clinical medicine.

September 2022

STIMIT wins Swiss
excellence product award

STIMIT is the winners of the Swiss Excellence Product Award 2022 in the category start-up. This is the 10th time that the jury of the Swiss Excellence Foundation has honored innovative Swiss products.

This year, 30 companies applied with their products for the Swiss Excellence Product Award. The jury visited the shortlisted candidates over the past few months and selected three finalists in each category. The jury evaluated the innovation content, the value creation potential as well as the quality of the business model and the marketing concept.

STIMIT AG was able to prevail in the Startup category with the STIMIT Activator. The innovative product stimulates the diaphragm muscles of intensive care patients - non-invasively - and thus gets patients breathing who would otherwise not breathe. "The product has great potential. It is already being used successfully, and Stimit has chosen a clever strategy for financing it," explains Stefan Philippi, lecturer at the Institute for Corporate Management at the FHNW and jury member of the Swiss Excellence Foundation in his laudation.

2018 - 2020

Innovation Grants

3 Innosuisse Innovation Project Grants
3 Feasibility Project Grants
Venture Kick I, II, III Funding
4 Goverment & Foundation Grants


The company STIMIT currently has no approved product neither in the United States nor in Canada nor in Europe nor in any other region. All products and therapies are still in development and any statement arises from rationales or pre-clinical investigations which have yet to be completed.


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